At Ranthambhore other than a chance encounter with the tiger, with a dash of luck and patience, you may also come across a sloth bear, a leopard or maybe a couple of mongooses chasing each other or a crocodile basking in the sun. As your cantor weaves around the forest, you see herds of chital deer looking up from their important task of grazing. Other than the park, a trip to the Ranthambhore Fort is a must. The tiger reserve lies at the foot of the Ranthambhore Fort and derives its name from this monument The fort was occupied by Raja Hamir and has withstood a lot of wars; even the Akbarnama mentions a visit from Akbar as well. In the evenings, one can walk around the village and shop for some tiger art—the local artists are known for their tiger paintings on paper and cloth.

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